Stabbing a voodoo doll representing your supervisor with pins can be cathartic. MEDICINE PRIZE[USA] —Marc Mitchell and David Wartinger, for using roller coaster … Ig-Nobelpreis Sauriergleiche Hühner, pinkelnde Säugetiere Zum 25. You must login or create an account to comment. At least one Ig Nobel recipient, Andre Geim, has gone on to win a bona fide Nobel Prize, albeit for a different line of research. Sie kommen sogar gerne zu den - auch unter Forscher_innen anerkannten - Preisverleihungen, die in einem ausgelassenen Rahmen stattfinden, und lassen sich -ganz kultig- mit Papierfliegern bewerfen. Laugh: John Barry, Bruce Blank, and Michel Boileau, for using postage stamps to test whether the male sexual organ is functioning properly—as described in their study, "Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Monitoring with Stamps.". Moderator Marc Abrahams, Herausgeber einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift zu kurioser Forschung, beendete die Gala wie immer mit seinen traditionellen Abschlussworten: „Wenn Sie dieses Jahr keinen Ig-Nobelpreis gewonnen haben, und besonders dann, wenn Sie einen gewonnen haben: mehr Glück im nächsten Jahr!“. There's a long tradition of scientists using themselves as guinea pigs—in this case, to explore whether it might be better to conduct a colonoscopy while in a seated versus the usual supine position. Turns out the human body is not particularly high in nutritional value, especially when compared to other kinds of meat. Think: Female fruit flies emit a pheromone with a strong unpleasant scent easily detected by humans, which makes them a great way to tell male and female fruit flies apart. Papierflieger, echte Nobelpreisträger und viel Klamauk: Die schrillen Ig-Nobelpreise sind Kult. The 2020 Ig Nobel Prize for Medical Education. But more people are likely to read about breaking spaghetti than peruse an academic paper entitled "Controlling fracture cascades through twisting and quenching.". Until they stop. The recipients heard enough anecdotal reports of people passing stones more easily while bungee jumping or riding roller coasters (like the Big T… This suggests that there were primarily social and cultural reasons people resorted to cannibalism. Abrahams pointed out that the wife in that couple suffered from Crohn's disease, a severe inflammation of the bowel that affects 1.6 million people in the US alone. The customers in turn feel overwhelmed by "feature bloat" and don't find those manuals especially useful, often preferring to figure things out on their own by tinkering. The ceremony was webcast. Think: Even the recipients admit in their paper that "it is difficult to offer direct practical implications from our study." Laugh: Akira Horiuchi, for the medical report, "Colonoscopy in the Sitting Position: Lessons Learned from Self-Colonoscopy.". They determined a wedding ring spins more like a boomerang than a coin because of the hole in the center. The Ig Nobel Prizes honor achievements that make people LAUGH, then THINK.The prizes are intended to celebrate the unusual, honor the imaginative — and spur people’s interest in science, medicine, and technology.. Every September, in a gala ceremony in Harvard University’s Sanders Theatre, 1100 splendidly eccentric spectators watch the new winners step forward to accept their Prizes. 2005 konnte Glauber dieses Amt nicht ausüben, weil er mit dem Physik-Nobelpreis ausgezeichnet wurde. Ars may earn compensation on sales from links on this site. The chimpanzees proved to be more like humans in engaging in imitation games than previously believed. In GK008 wollten wir eigentlich den Nobelpreis sowie den Ig Nobel Preis 2018 besprechen. Acceptance speeches are limited to 60 seconds, strictly enforced by an eight-year-old girl nicknamed "Miss Sweetie-Poo," who will interrupt those who exceed the time limit by repeating, "Please stop. It's all in good dorky fun. IG Nobel scheint zu funktionieren. Ad Choices, "The research being honored might seem ridiculous, but that doesn't mean it is devoid of scientific merit. Teilnahme Ig Nobel – IG Nobel Verleihung ist tatsächlich eine Veranstaltung die einen bleibenden Eindruck hinterlässt (memorable event). Take the 2006 Ig Nobel for physics, awarded to French researchers for investigating why dry spaghetti often breaks into more than two pieces when it is bent. This study looking at interactions between chimpanzees and visitors to the zoo suggests that might not be the case. The 2018 Ig Nobel Prize Winners - Neatorama The 2018 Ig Nobel Prize Winners The 28th First Annual Ig Nobel Prizes were awarded last night in a ceremony at Harvard University's Sanders Theater. Think: Why would anyone want to calculate the nutritional value of the human body, apart from members of the Donner Party? The prizes have always been perceived as a celebration of scientific silliness, an impression strengthened by the unapologetically campy awards ceremony. Written on 5th October 2018. Your California Privacy Rights | Do Not Sell My Personal Information That work led to a new bendy paintbrush in Adobe Illustrator 5. Wie jedes Jahr reisten auch diesmal echte Nobelpreisträger an, darunter der deutsche Physik-Nobelpreisträger von 2001, Wolfgang Ketterle. Print | PDF. All rights reserved. Die Ig-Nobelpreise „ehren“ jedes Jahr die verrücktesten Studien. Daraufhin hätten er und sein Kollege Marc Mitchell sich der wissenschaftlichen Erforschung des Themas angenommen, sagte Wartinger. Forscher aus Deutschland, Schweden, Kolumbien, Frankreich und der Schweiz erhielten den Preis in der Kategorie Biologie für den Nachweis, dass Wein-Experten durch Geruch verlässlich nachweisen können, ob sich in ihrem Weinglas eine Fliege befindet. CNMN Collection Sep 24, 2018 By AnishaC. Forscher aus Kanada, China, Singapur und den USA erhielten den Preis in der Kategorie Wirtschaft für ihre Untersuchung, ob es effektiv für Arbeitnehmer ist, Voodoo-Puppen gegen übergriffige Chefs zu verwenden. But it's so much easier to wrap the "stamp ring" (similar in size to Christmas seals) around it at night and just check to see if the stamp ring broke along the perforations overnight because of an erection. Wissenschaftler aus den USA, Japan, Saudi Arabien, Ägypten, Indien und Bangladesch benutzten Briefmarken um herauszufinden, ob das männliche Geschlechtsorgan richtig funktioniert – und erhielten die Auszeichnung in der Kategorie Fortpflanzungsmedizin. Preisträger Akira Horiuchi präsentiert auf Ig-Nobelpreis-Verleihung die Selbst-Darmspiegelung. Sure, you can hook your member up to a strain gauge recorder at night or ask your sexual partner to track your nighttime erections. Even when there is no immediate usefulness, there's still a strong argument to be made on the basis of pure curiosity. Nierensteine in der Achterbahn, Fliegen im Wein und Menschen, die Schimpansen nachmachen: Zehn wissenschaftliche Studien, die „erst zum Lachen und dann zum Denken anregen“, sind an der US-Eliteuniversität Harvard mit den sogenannten „Ig-Nobelpreisen“ ausgezeichnet worden. Join the Ars Orbital Transmission mailing list to get weekly updates delivered to your inbox. Forscher aus Spanien und Kolumbien analysierten die Häufigkeit, Motivation und Auswirkungen von Schreien und Fluchen beim Autofahren – und erhielten dafür den Preis in der Kategorie Frieden. Ig Nobel 2018: Rollercoasters And Fruit Flies! The certificate is signed, as per tradition, by several Nobel Prize winners. But there's also a serious side to the Ig Nobels. Arthur Ashkin Born: 1922, USA. Think: Impotence is embarrassing, to be sure, but it can also be a symptom for more serious conditions (diabetes, lymphoma, or arteriosclerosis, for instance). The image you see here is the certificate awarded to Mr. Trump at the 30th First Annual Ig Nobel ceremony on September 17. Think: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Werde mich bei Gelegenheit auch in die unendlichen Weiten des Internets begeben und zu manchen Thesen … Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Ars Technica Addendum (effective 8/21/2018). Or whether stabbing a voodoo doll representing your horrible boss with pins could help reduce workplace tension? Mal wurde jetzt kuriose Forschung an der Elite-Uni Harvard mit den Spaßpreisen geehrt – von Nierensteinen in der Achterbahn bis zu Fliegen im Wein. The 28 th Annual Ig Nobel Awards took place on the 13th of September at Harvard University, awarding achievements that make people laugh — and then think. Pe cat pare de incredibil, premiile Ig Nobel sunt inmanate invingatorilor de catre laureati ai premiilor Nobel. De aproape trei decenii, premiile Ig Nobel sunt decernate anual pentru cercetări adevărate publicate în jurnale științifice reale. The Nobel Prizes: respected, cherished, and overall, very serious. Laugh: Paula Romao, Adilia Alarcao, and the late Cesar Viana, for measuring the degree to which human saliva is a good cleaning agent for dirty surfaces. The researchers were able to identify the specific pheromone, so powerful a single female fly could spoil a glass of wine. Think: Kidney stones account for around 300,000 emergency room visits each year, and patients usually just wait for the stones to pass, which can be a long and painful process. Laugh: Tomas Persson, Gabriela-Alina Sauciuc, and Elaine Madsen, for collecting evidence, in a zoo, that chimpanzees imitate humans about as often, and about as well, as humans imitate chimpanzees. „Wenn eine weibliche Fruchtfliege von einem Glas voll Wein angezogen wird, dann ist das traurig für die Fliege, weil sie ertrinken wird“, sagte Wissenschaftler Paul Becher. Mit em Andre Geim git s en Wisseschaftler, wu Ig-Nobel- (2000) un au Nobelbryysdreeger (2010) isch. Iillustration: Niklas Elmehed. Der Ig-Nobelpreis („ignoble“ heißt auf Deutsch „unwürdig“) wurde diesmal in Form eines Papierherzens verliehen. Featherstone was the first Ig Nobel Prize winner to appear in person at the awards ceremony to accept the award. Die traditionell klamaukig-schrille Gala mit mehr als 1000 Zuschauern fand in der Nacht zum Freitag bereits zum 28. Compared with popular solvents, saliva was the superior … Wissenschaftler aus den USA bekamen den Preis in der Kategorie Medizin, weil sie versucht hatten, durch Achterbahnfahren Nierensteine schneller auszuscheiden. The Ig Nobel Prize was created and named by Marc Abrahams, The name of the prize is a pun on the word ignoble. Most people view such behavior as relatively harmless, when in fact, that level of aggression is associated with a higher rate of accidents (a major cause of death and injury worldwide). Jennifer Ouellette Ceremonia de acordare a premiilor Ig Nobel se desfasoara la universitatea americana Harvard, la Sandres Theatre. They reward out-of-the-box research and discoveries. If you've ever had kidney stones, you'll value knowing that a rear seating position on a roller coaster is a good way to pass them more quickly. Think: Admit it, you've been known to occasionally use a bit of saliva to rub off a smudge now and then. „Die eigentliche Anerkennung gebührt aber einem meiner Patienten“, sagte Forscher David Wartinger in seiner Dankesrede. One of my favorite papers in 2015 was by a pair of Berkeley physicists who noticed an oddity while absent-mindedly spinning their wedding rings over coffee one day. Last Thursday, on September 13, 2018, the annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony took place in Harvard. © 2020 Condé Nast. The 2018 Ig Nobel Prizes were awarded at the 28th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, on Thursday, September 13, 2018, at Harvard's Sanders Theatre. richtigen Nobelpreisträgern. Parody Nobel Prizes: this year’s Ig Nobel Prize winners. Think: Colonoscopies are never pleasant, but some people have more difficulty with them than others. It's one kind of psychological tool to right the balance of feeling wronged, and it could spur discussion of other non-confrontational strategies to deal with this common workplace problem. Laugh: Francisco Alonso, Cristina Esteban, Andrea Serge, Maria-Luisa Ballestar, Jaime Sanmartin, Constanza Calatayud, and Beatriz Alamar, for measuring the frequency, motivation, and effects of shouting and cursing while driving an automobile. In der Kategorie Ernährung wurde ein Wissenschaftler aus Großbritannien geehrt, der berechnete, dass die Kalorienaufnahme bei einer Ernährung ausschließlich mit Menschenfleisch deutlich geringer ist als die Kalorienaufnahme bei den meisten anderen traditionellen Ernährungsweisen mit Fleisch. Man wird neugierig. Scientists have naturally inquisitive minds, and it's good to encourage the occasional random line of inquiry. Bis zue sym Dood im Dezämber 2018 het dr Roy Glauber langi Johr as Bääsemaischter fungiert, wu bi dr Zeremony uf dr Bihni d Babyrflieger zämewischt, wu s Publikum als uf d Bryysdreeger gheit. Mittwoch, 09. So even single patients' experiences can vary. Wissenschaftler aus Portugal bekamen den Preis in der Kategorie Chemie, weil sie analysierten, wie gut sich menschliche Spucke als Putzmittel für schmutzige Oberflächen eignet. Sign up or login to join the discussions! Premiile Ig Nobel au fost înființate în 1991 cu scopul de a onora realizările care îi fac pe oameni să râdă și apoi să cadă pe gânduri. The 2018 Ig Nobel Prizes were awarded at the 28th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, on Thursday, 13 September 2018, at Harvard’s Sanders Theatre. Understanding who does and does not RTFM could help companies design better manuals in the future—which, let's face it, most of us still won't read. Gérard Mourou Born: 1944, France Sunstigs. Laugh: Paul Becher, Sebastien Lebreton, Erika Wallin, Erik Hedenstrom, Felipe Borrero-Echeverry, Marie Bengtsson, Volker Jorger, and Peter Witzgall, for demonstrating that wine experts can reliably identify, by smell, the presence of a single fly in a glass of wine. These and other unusual research topics were honored tonight in a ceremony at Harvard University's Sanders Theater. The festivities feature mini-operas, scientific demos, and the 24/7 lectures, whereby experts must explain their work twice: once in 24 seconds, and the second in just seven words. - Sep 13, 2018 11:00 pm UTC. Thanks to science, if a fly lands in your wine, you'll know immediately from the "off" smell and taste if it was a female fly. 2018. I will list all “Anti Nobel Prize” winners in 2018 and see what their research was about and what results they got. Nobel laureates (L-R) Eric Maskin (2007 Economics), Wolfgang Ketterle (2011 Physics) and Michael Rosbash (2017 Medicine) participate in the 28th First Annual Ig Nobel … Die Vorsilbe "Ig" steht eigentlich für "ignoble" also "unehrenhaft" oder "unedel", wobei die Preisträger_innen selbst den Spottpreis gar nicht so schlimm finden. Read our affiliate link policy. Da wir aber nicht dazu gekommen sind, holen wir das jetzt nach. Eine Auswahl der diesjährigen Preisträger. You can mourn her passing along with the loss of an excellent vintage. Anschliessend Party mit u.a. Mal wurde der Ig-Nobelpreis vergeben. In der Kategorie Literatur wurden Forscher aus Australien, El Salvador und Großbritannien für den Nachweis ausgezeichnet, dass die meisten Menschen, die komplizierte Produkte benutzen, die Gebrauchsanweisung nicht lesen. The winners of this year's Ig Nobel Prizes have got you covered. Think: Most of us are inclined to mutter a bit of profanity when stuck in traffic, but roughly one-quarter of us are particularly aggressive when it comes to shouting and cursing at other drivers (especially, it seems, in Spain). Think: The people who design our consumer products (cell phones, DVD players, and so forth) often complain that customers just don't read the manual, and thus never make full use of all the amazing advanced features. Mal statt. David Wartinger, left, accepts his Ig Nobel award from Nobel laureate Wolfgang Ketterle (physics, 2001) during ceremonies at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018. Bis zu seinem Tod im Dezember 2018 fungierte Roy Glauber jahrelang als Besenmeister, der während der Zeremonie die Bühne von unzähligen Papierfliegern befreit, mit denen die Preisträger beworfen werden. Conservationists prefer their own saliva when cleaning delicate surfaces, like gold leaf or painted ceramics. It is in this spirit of curiosity and sense of play that we offer you the 2018 Ig Nobel Prize winners. Die Wissenschaftler, die bei der Ig-Nobelpreis-Zeremonie in Harvard ausgezeichnet werden, haben sich mit diesen und weiteren kuriosen Fragen befasst. Va prezentam in continuare cateva dintre „descoperirile” premiate pentru anul 2018. Wir wissen nicht, warum Menschen in der Lage sind, diesen Geruch zu erkennen – aber wir wissen, dass es nicht darum geht, dass wir uns zu Fliegen hingezogen fühlen sollen.“. Ig-Nobelpreise 2018: „Auszeichnung“ für verrückte Forschung, den sogenannten „Ig-Nobelpreisen“ ausgezeichnet worden, Bayer muss bei Iberogast Beipackzettel ändern, Gewächshaus in der Antarktis bringt knackiges Gemüse hervor, Wasserstoff fürs Auto, neues Herpes-Medikament, © Verlagsgesellschaft Madsack GmbH & Co. KG. The recipients heard enough anecdotal reports of people passing stones more easily while bungee jumping or riding roller coasters (like the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride at Walt Disney World) that they deemed it worth investigating further. Dintre acestea s-a remarcat şi studiul la care a participat o româncă ce analiza modul în care oamenii şi cimpanzeii se imită unii pe alţii. The 2019 Ig Nobel Prize winners. Donna Strickland Born: 1959, Canada. Zwischendurch fliegen bei der so ganz anderen anderthalbstündigen Preisverleihung Papierflieger durch die Luft, es gibt Sketche und bizarre Kurz-Opern. That usually escalates the situation and could end up adversely impacting the company's bottom line. Ig Nobel: India should have its own version of prizes for weirdness 24 Sep, 2012, 06.14 AM IST Given the absurdities of life and people in India, we won’t even have to do any research to get the prizes. The work has that silly Ig Nobel element. Laurier researcher wins Ig Nobel Prize for research on employee retaliation using voodoo dolls Laurier researcher wins Ig Nobel Prize for research on employee retaliation using voodoo dolls Sept. 14, 2018 For Immediate Release. Studiile ştiinţifice din 2018 ce au fost laureate ale premiului Ig Nobel analizează capacitatea de curăţare a salivei, abilitatea unei musculiţe de oţet de alterare a vinului şi aportul caloric al unei diete canibalistice. Think: Kidney stones account for around 300,000 emergency room visits each year, and patients usually just wait for the stones to pass, which can be a long and painful process. WIRED Media Group Kategorie Preisträger Land Begründung Bild Anthropologie Tomas Persson, Gabriela-Alina Sauciuc und Elainie Madsen Schweden Rumänien Dänemark Niederlande Deutschland Vereinigtes Königreich Indonesien Italien: für den Nachweis, dass Schimpansen im Zoo genauso oft und genauso gut Menschen imitieren wie umgekehrt. But have you heard of the less-famous Ig Nobel Prize? Zum 28. One of the side effects is particularly odiferous gassy emissions; the underwear was a way to make her quality of life just a little bit better. He called for further study comparing seated and supine positions to determine whether the former might be better for problem patients. Kein Witz, sondern die Vorgeschichte der Studie, die Wissenschaftler aus den USA verfasst haben. „Ich weiß, es klingt unwahrscheinlich, aber menschliche Spucke ist wirklich ein gutes Putzmittel, zumindest für einige Oberflächen“, sagte Forscherin Paula Romao. That's just what the recipient did, not just once, but four different times, with varying degrees of discomfort. Harvard - Ig-Nobelpreise 2018: „Auszeichnung“ für verrückte Forschung Papierflieger, echte Nobelpreisträger und viel Klamauk: Die schrillen Ig-Nobelpreise sind Kult. The authors' experiment showed that intuition is good science: saliva cleans gilded surfaces in particular better than other cleaners used by conservationists. These are awarded by our friends at The Annals of Improbable Research every September for scientific research that makes us laugh, and then makes us think. Die Antwort sei Ja, sagte Wissenschaftlerin Lindie Hanyu Liang. Laugh: Marc Mitchell and David Wartinger, for using roller coaster rides to hasten the passage of kidney stones. Laugh: James Cole, for calculating that the caloric intake from a human-cannibalism diet is significantly lower than the caloric intake from most other traditional meat diets. But if you have a supervisor who routinely subjects you to public ridicule, scapegoating, or other abusive behavior, chances are you'll eventually retaliate as a knee-jerk attempt to restore a sense of justice. Just last month MIT physicists published a follow-up paper. Posted in News, Science & Tech. Zuerst Harvard Theatre mit Show & Musical, 2 Tage später im grossen Hörsaal von MIT mehr “science-oriented” talks. It's also crucial to human development, particularly when it comes to social bonds and the transfer of skills and knowledge. Die Ig-Nobelpreise 2018 Mit Nierensteinen Achterbahn fahren Kommt ein Mann zum Arzt und erzählt, wie er nach dem Achterbahnfahren Nierensteine ausgeschieden hat. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. Die undotierten Auszeichnungen sollen „das Ungewöhnliche feiern und das Fantasievolle ehren“. The name of the award is a pun on the Nobel Prize, which it parodies, and the word ignoble. Established in 1991, the Ig Nobels are a good-natured parody of the Nobel Prizes, honoring "achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think." Boston/Cambridge zudem angenehme Stadt. The aim of the Ig Noble Prize is to draw attention to unusual researches. „Es ist aber auch traurig für den Besitzer des Weinglases, denn der Geruch der Fliege wird den Wein verderben. Turns out, there is a competition specifically for scientific achievements that “make people LAUGH and then THINK” (Improbable). As the recipients put it in their paper, "Life's too short to RTFM." They even identified the likely component responsible, bringing us one step closer to producing a synthetic version of saliva for cleaning. „Die Menschen fühlen sich viel besser danach, sie fühlen sich, als ob Gerechtigkeit wiederhergestellt worden ist.“ Zudem nutzte die Forscherin die Gelegenheit, um sich bei ihrem früheren Chef zu bedanken – „weil er mir alles darüber beigebracht hat, wie man mit übergriffigen Chefs umgeht“. MEDICINE PRIZE [ITALY, THE NETHERLANDS] Silvano Gallus, for collecting evidence that pizza might protect against illness and death, if the pizza is made and eaten in Italy. Wissenschaftler aus Deutschland, Schweden, Rumänien, Dänemark, den Niederlanden, Großbritannien, Indonesien und Italien wurden in der Kategorie Anthropologie ausgezeichnet – dafür, dass sie in einem Zoo nachgewiesen hatten, dass Schimpansen Menschen etwa genauso oft und genauso gut imitieren wie Menschen Schimpansen. More importantly, studying how cracks form and spread in various kinds of materials is critical to detecting imminent failure in, say, bridge spans or human bones. ชวนส่องรางวัล Ig Nobel 2018 กับงานวิจัยแปลกๆ ที่ไม่น่าเชื่อว่าเป็นไปได้ . Laugh: Marc Mitchell and David Wartinger, for using roller coaster ridesto hasten the passage of kidney stones. Dieser sei bei einem Besuch in einem Vergnügungspark immer wieder Achterbahn gefahren und habe danach jeweils einen Nierenstein ausgeschieden. The Ig Nobel Prize (/ ˌ ɪ ɡ n oʊ ˈ b ɛ l / IG-noh-BEL) is a satiric prize awarded annually since 1991 to celebrate ten unusual or trivial achievements in scientific research, its stated aim being to "honor achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think." Ein Wissenschaftler aus Japan wurde in der Kategorie medizinische Bildung geehrt für seinen Bericht „Darmspiegelung im Sitzen: Lehren aus Selbst-Darmspiegelung“. The 2019 Ig Nobel Prizes were awarded at the 29th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, on Thursday, September 12, 2019, at Harvard’s Sanders Theatre.The ceremony was webcast. Laugh: Thea Blackler, Rafael Gomez, Vesna Popovic, and M. Helen Thompson, for documenting that most people who use complicated products do not read the instruction manual.